Dr. Clay Albrecht - Houston Robotic Surgeon

Dr. Clay Albrecht
920 Frostwood Ste 620
Houston, Texas 77024
Phone: 832-225-4102
Email: info@drclayalbrecht.com
Website: http://www.drclayalbrecht.com/

Is it possible to find a skilled and knowledgeable surgeon who also has a comforting, patient and kind bedside manner? It is! Dr. Clay Albrecht, MD, FACS is an experienced board certified General Surgeon who performs laparoscopic and robotic surgeries and has established himself as a surgeon who is at the forefront of making patient care genuinely patient-centered. Whether it's a surgery for a hernia, colon, small bowel, skin lesions, or port placement for chemotherapy, he knows that while he has performed thousands of operations, your surgery is unique to you and is very personal. While he is a highly-requested surgeon, he continues to treat each patient as if they are his most important patient.